Trane xv95 manual

Home Help Search Login Register. Rjmansbridge Posts: 5. Hey everyone, I just bought a house that has a Trane xv95 propane furnace in it. We are using it only as backup heat as we prefer to use the wood stove. I was told that if I turn the thermostat fan setting to on, it's supposed to recirculate the air in the home at low speed and distribute the hot air from the basement to the other rooms of the house with the added bonus of going through the filter first, and only kick to high speed when temp drops below setting on thermostat.

trane xv95 manual

However, my unit only seems to run on high, and it pushes a lot of air so it's louder than I'd like it to be as an all day thing. Am I correct in thinking it should run at different speeds or was I misled? If I wasn't, how can I get it operating properly? And looking through the installation manual I think the only thing that may be missing is a jumper from R to BK on the furnace. Admin Administrator Posts: Those terminals are only used if a humidistat or fan controller are installed.

I found the dip switch settings. Do you have an AC installed? What is the full model number of the furnace and AC? The installer left your cooling speed set at default CFM for a 3.

So your continuous fan runs at CFM. You have a 2 ton AC. Yeah I just noticed that. Never thought to look up the AC model. That's what I get for trusting it was installed correctly. I have switched everything to the lowest CFM. The continuous fan speed is much lower now, but I think the unit is over sized for our house.

We only have 6 registers in our house at the moment. I will be finishing the basement and adding another 4 so that should cut it down to the point you can't really tell it's on during continuous fan. Thanks so much for your help, definitely saved me a few hundred dollars in service calls.

Powered by SMF 2.Remember Me? Results 1 to 16 of Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Originally Posted by tosid. Most manufactures want the vent at least 6 feet from an inside corner, 10 feet is better. Karst means cave. So, I search for caves. Typically the only problem you will run into with recirculation is frost build up in the intake pipe in cold weather. The pressure switch will then sense this restriction and cause a fault code and subsequently a lack of heat.

In normal operation there is not a lot carbon monoxide in the flue gasses so there isn't much of a concern. As for your siding, I would suggest a 24" square of sheet metal or equivalent to prevent damage from condensation.

It is also recommended that any small openings in close proximity be caulked or sealed. May check here, on page Read pages 25 and 26 of your install manual. On page 26 of your install manual. If you do in fact have an xv95 install manual. Check table 14 '. The last post also should have said that you need to go by local codes or the irc.

The 12" rule is allowed in my juristiction based on the table 14 B. Your area may be different. Please read this Valves, Regulators, Filters, Etc.

Trane XV 90 Furnace User Manual

All times are GMT The time now is AM. All rights reserved.Quick Links. See also: Performance Data Sheet. Table of Contents.

Trane Residential Furnace Model Number Description

Owner's Guide. Gas furnace — var. Dirty filters 1. Clean or replace 2. Air not circulating freely 2. Check supply registers and return grills for blockage 3. Page 4 Limited Warranty Information All manuals MUST be kept for future reference.

trane xv95 manual

Failure to follow For proper and safe operation of the furnace, air for combustion this warning could result in property damage, personal injury and ventilation must be provided. A slid all the way into the filter rack.

Replace blower access door. A monthly visual inspection of the furnace is also recommended. The filter grille furnace cabinets; All flue product carrying areas external to the furnace recommended dealer inspection is once a year, before the i.

Page 10 Regular Dealer Maintenance 4. Page 11 Limited Warranty Information Registering your products helps us provide you with one of the strongest manufacturer limited warranties available. Product registration can be completed either online at Trane. You will need the serial number, model number, and installation date for each product being registered.Most Energy Efficient.

Our most energy efficient furnace provides the ultimate comfort and greater energy savings. The XC95m is rated with up to Variable-speed blower motor adjusts speed to provide a consistent flow of warm, comfortable air with quiet operation. Every Trane furnace is packed with high-quality components. Each helps ensure that time after time, your unit will provide total comfort your family can rely on.

The XC95m includes:. Protect your XC95m with one of our top of the line warranties. Ask your contractor for details. Price ranges shall apply to basic installation to include standard materials and service, which may vary by the type of system or unit selected.

All price ranges are subject to adjustment based on the unique characteristics of the home. Any changes or modifications to Basic Installation agreed upon by Buyer will be an additional cost as negotiated by Buyer and the independent Trane Comfort Specialist, including the cost of mechanical permits that may be required by local and state law.

Price ranges do not include any taxes, now or hereafter enacted. Taxes will be added by your Trane Comfort Specialist to the sales price to comply with local and federal tax law. Basic installation varies slightly based on the type of system, unit or accessory purchased. Longer warranty terms are available. Please contact your independent Trane Comfort Specialist for details. You can close and confirm your location on the form or view all dealers in your area.

Find a Local Dealer. Call to speak with a dealer. Price ranges shall apply to basic installation. All price ranges are subject to adjustment based on the unique characteristics and location i. Any changes or modifications to Basic Installation agreed upon by Buyer will be an additional cost as negotiated by Buyer and the independent Trane Comfort Specialist including ductwork.

See more details. Pricing and specialist vary by location Valid zip code not detected. Overview. Efficient performance The XC95m is rated with up to Comfortable, even heating Variable-speed blower motor adjusts speed to provide a consistent flow of warm, comfortable air with quiet operation. Product Brochure. Specifications. I understand these calls may be generated using automated technology and my consent does not imply or require that a purchase be made. Still have questions?

Change Service Location. Update Zip Code. Please enter a valid zip code. See all dealers. See More. Tell us what you think Please take a short survey about your experience on Trane.

Start Survey.Quick Links. Table of Contents. All manuals MUST be kept for future reference. If the information in this manual is not followed. Follow the gas supplier's. Safety signal words are used to designate a degree. The signal words for safety markings are. It is also used to alert against. User's Information Guide. General Information. To Start the Furnace. Proper Maintenance. The Problem Solver. Regular Dealer Maintenance. Gas furnace — var. Page 2: L!

Warning When the furnace vent is blocked, a pressure stalling or servicing. Personal injury may result. Call a qualified ser- vicer. Turn the external main gas shutoff valve and the Your furnace does not use a continuously burning pilot toggle switch located on the main gas valve inside flame.

TRANE Comfortlink II Thermostat USER Review \u0026 Overview-Energy Savings

Have your installer or servicer show you the location if you have any questions. A monthly visual inspection of the furnace is also recommended. The filter grille could be in a hallway, wall, or in the ceiling. Check with your deal- er for the exact location of your filter and the method of changing the filters. Regular maintenance must be Do NOT touch igniter. It is extremely hot. Paint sol- vents, cleaning chemicals, spray propellants, and FLAME bleaches should not be used in the vicinity of the furnace during normal operation.

You will need the serial number, model number, and installation date for each product being registered. Your dealer may have included these on your invoice or can provide a list for you to use.

Print page 1 Print document 16 pages. Cancel Delete. Sign In OR. Don't have an account? Sign up! Restore password. Upload from disk.We also install Trane residential furnaces and air conditioners. The Trane residential furnace model number descriptions below will help you to decode the model number on the furnace.

Furnace model numbers are found on a sticker inside the front cover of a Trane furnace. The sticker is usually found to one side of the furnace inducer. We have a triple A rating with the Better Business Bureau and we do it right. NOTE: This information has not been certified by the manufacturer. ENSURE that you verify all of this model number information with the manufacturer before using this information to make equipment selection or repair decisions.

Trane XR95 Performance Data Sheet

The furnace type listed in the nomenclature below refers to the AFUE rating of the furnace. Nothing stops a Trane. Our office number is In addition to the Trane Residential Furnace Model Number, referencing the product serial number is useful for identifying when the piece of HVAC equipment was manufactured. Select the desired type of HVAC equipment. Then look up the equipment brand, such as Trane, by the alphabetic order that also has a drop down menu for selecting the particular brand.

trane xv95 manual

Then the various formats that the manufacturer provides serial numbers in is shown. Identify the appropriate serial number format and the site shows which numbers in the serial number are for the year of manufacture. Check out our Home Page here to learn more about us.

And for information on what maintenance items that homeowners can do to maintain their HVAC systems operating efficiently, refer to this blog. For a description of what the MERV rating on air filters means, refer to this blog. For a good discussion on what air filter would be best, refer to this blog. And for tips on troubleshooting a gas valve failure, refer to this blog.

For technical material on troubleshooting a low voltage transformer failure, refer to this blog. For information on how to properly connect the primary side of a low voltage transformer on roof top units, refer to this blog. And for a description of Trane roof top unit model numbers, refer to this blog. For a description of Armstrong furnace model numbers, refer to this blog. To understand how to correct a phase monitor on a Trane roof top unit that is preventing a unit from operating, refer to this blog.

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