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Are you a member? Register or Login. Creating a company profile brochure or slideshow is a big responsibility. You especially need to pay careful attention to the design, arranging content in a readable and attractive way. These company profile templates can be a huge time-saver!

Designed by professionals, these templates allow you to easily create a company profile brochure or a PowerPoint presentation without having to spend hours on perfecting the design. We handpicked a collection of the best company profile templates for Word and PowerPoint, to help you create a modern company profile for your business.

These templates are all easily customizable to boot. Download thousands of PowerPoint templates, and many other design elements, with a monthly Envato Elements membership. Explore PowerPoint Templates. A company profile is mainly a document containing a detailed description of a company or a business made to educate customers, investors, and employees. Company profiles come in various sizes as well. A company profile template is a template you can use to craft such documents with ease.

These templates come fully formatted with paragraphs, columns, shapes, image placeholders, and more to let you easily design company profiles without having to spend hours perfecting the design. The templates are also easily customizable. This is the perfect template for crafting a modern and stylish company profile for any business ranging from corporate businesses to creative agencies and more.

The template comes with 28 unique page layouts, which you can easily customize to your preference. This template comes with a clean and professional design and you can easily edit it using Microsoft Word. As an added bonus, it also includes an InDesign template for editing the template using the Adobe app.

A great PowerPoint design plays a key role in creating a winning presentation. With this stylish and modern slideshow template, you can design a more effective business profile to present your brand and company. The template comes with 36 unique slide designs with editable layouts.

It includes image placeholders and master slide layouts as well. Making a presentation for a creative agency or a brand? Then this PowerPoint template will come in handy. It features a bright and attractive design that will allow you to craft an attention-grabbing slideshow to present your company profile. The template includes a total of slides with 30 unique slides in 5 different color schemes. This company profile template is designed for businesses and brands in the tech and IT industries.

It includes 37 unique slides featuring modern content layouts, editable colors, image placeholders, and master slides. You can use it to craft slideshows for various types of presentations including business showcase, portfolio, and more. And features 24 unique page layouts in A4 and US Letter sizes. You can easily customize the template to add your own images, change colors, and text as well.

How To Make Powerpoint Presentation Attractive

This is a free PowerPoint template you can use to create a basic company profile presentation for consulting and communication agencies. The template features 16 unique slides with customizable designs. It also comes with lots of editable graphics, maps, and a huge icon pack. This is a unique PowerPoint template made specifically for making company profiles for startups. It not only features a colorful and stylish design but also comes with a casual design to match different types of startup concepts.If your project has a limited budget or no budget at all, but you need to present your company profile to the potential clients or investors, you can still have a beautiful Powerpoint presentation.

These days there are a lot of high-quality PowerPoint presentation templates on the web available to download for free. Sometimes designers want to test their designs and see if people download them. Also, free slides could be just a part of a promotion campaign of a large presentations bundle or some website. Zane is a corporate business free Powerpoint template for company profile presentations.

It includes 11 slides that will help you to create a stunning presentation. Zane is a modern presentation template that is simple to customize, which will allow you to present your company profile in the best way that would make your information stand out. This free template works great in Powerpoint, Keynote and Google Slides. Best Busines Free Powerpoint Template is a modern and corporate template ideal for business any presentation.

It includes 11 professional slides easy to edit. Because of its bright colors, this presentation is sure to capture the attention of any audience. Air is a stylish modern presentation theme with strong typography and beautiful images. The presentation uses free fonts, so you can easily download them online when you edit this template.

In addition, you can edit anything else on the slides, like adding, deleting and rearranging the layout for you to organize your information how you see would be better presented. In the end, you will have an impressive presentation to show to your audience. If you are searching for a presentation template which features different mockups, charts, graphs, images, and maps, this is an ideal solution for you!

Every is a free dynamic, modern, and clean presentation template you can edit in PowerPoint. You can download 15 free slides with beautiful layout design and charts for your business data. In fact, this presentation template has a simple and minimal layout to not overwhelm the audience with so much information on one slide. As a result, your slides and information would be short, sweet, and to the point, giving a clear and easy understanding of the message in the presentation.

Imogen is created in a blue color scheme with amazing icon patterns. You can change the colors, text, and images to adjust the presentation to your needs. However, this template is creative and well-designed to make almost any color stand out. If you ever need an animated free PowerPoint template with professional design and creative effects, then search no more. Xe has different slides such as history, teams, production steps, values, charts, creak slides and more.

This presentation template is well- designed, has a unique layout, and has a captivating color scheme. So, impress your audience with an outstanding and out of the box creative presentation.

FREE 25+ Company Profile Samples in PDF

This excellent PowerPoint template will definitely leave a good impression. This template can be used for personal and commercial use, making every single one of your presentation interesting and visually captivating. Since this is your presentation, you can change the color theme to one that better suits you and your presentation.

Report is a corporate company profile presentation template designed to impress your viewers with your data. You can show your audience what you can do, what your goals and concept are, allows you to share some data with charts and graphs. Report is composed of 15 easy to edit slides, giving you an unlimited amount of ways to organize your information.

company profile presentation pdf

Kula is a clean yet stylish presentation template designed for PowerPoint. It contains 90 unique slides, 40 color schemes, and stunning design that will make your modern presentation stand out. This presentation template contains a minimal style, meaning that your information will be short, sweet, and to the point.Company Profile PowerPoint Template is a presentation template that you can use to present your company.

This presentation template contains 15 slide designs ready to be used for company presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint. You can customize any of the presentation slides including the background company information as well as the team and skills slide designs.

The presentation template also comes with useful slides including awesome data-driven charts that you can use to display sales charts or performance charts. A timeline slide design is also included in this presentation template for PowerPoint. The included examples are pie charts, line charts and column charts; all of them created with excel. The user can edit their values in a spreadsheet and customize their appearance within PowerPoint Chart tools.

Europe Africa Asia Oceania. Tables Comparison Tables Creative Layouts. Company Profile PowerPoint Template. Item You must be logged in to download this file. Add to Collection. Details 15 slides Rating:. Template Backgrounds. How to get this PowerPoint Template? Subscribe today and get immediate access to download our PowerPoint templates. Subscribe Now. Related PowerPoint Templates.For many businesses and organizations, building a brand is an essential process that every business owner should do, especially for new companies who are trying to attract a specific market or audience.


To effectively do this, businesses need to be able to convey all the key information request about their business not only to potential customers but also to different investors. Through this, a business can grow, build trust, and create an image for the business.

How exactly can you do this? One of the most important tools that a business or organization can have is a company profile. A company profile is a document that outlines all the important and key information about the business, from the company history, their products and services, and so on. There are various types of company profiles that can be used depending on the type of industry where the business belongs to.

No matter the industry or the size of your organization assessmentcreating a company profile is important. If so, then you are on the right page!

In this article, you will read about the important steps for creating a company profilethe definition of a company profile, as well as its purpose, plus some tips that will help you create a good and effective company profile for your business. You will also find a number of various company profile samples and templates that are available for download below.

A company profile, also called a business profileis a document or tool that contains a clear and concise description of the business. In order for you to further understand the purpose of having a company profile, we have listed below the various purposes of a simple company profile. A company profile can be used as a marketing template for businesses. Through your company profile, you will be able to effectively inform and educate other parties about your business, especially the products and services that your business offers.

A company profile is used for recruitment. With the widespread competition of various businesses, from a lot of offices, restaurants, shops, malls, and so on, recruiting talented professionals can be tough because of these business competitions. Today, these professionals often make the choice on which company they want to work in.

This is where a company profile is important. A financial statement for business with a well-crafted company profile will most likely have the upper hand compared to other companies since a company profile will allow potential employees to have an overview of the business, specifically its culture, the number of employees and staff that the business has, as well as the value proposition that you provide to your employees.

This document will help convince potential employee suggestions to choose your business. A company profile can be used for selling. Whether you are trying to convince a prospective client to buy your products and services, or an investor to do business with you, a company profile is an important document that you can have. Your company profile will allow you to highlight all the essential information to help make you stand out from other business competitor analysis and eventually persuade clients and other entities.

Now that you have read the definition and the purpose of a company profile, we will talk about the steps for creating an effective as well as a useful company profile for your business. A well-crafted company profile should contain all the necessary information needed to be present.After you enable Flash, refresh this page and the presentation should play. Get the plugin now. Toggle navigation. Help Preferences Sign up Log in.

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FREE 30+ Company Profile Samples & Templates in PDF

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company profile presentation pdf

Geometric Horizontal Brochure Vector. Book Cover Set. Coffee Company Logo. Company Web Header Vector. Free Web Design Vector Icons. Memphis design pattern company branding vector. Colorful 3D bar chart. Business leadership icon set.

Free Vector Tri Fold Brochure. Business illustration with world map. Loop Logo Vectors.

company profile presentation pdf

Agro Logos And Ribbons. Barber Shop Logo Template. Harley Davidson Disc Logo. Blue Company Brochure Business. Modern company logo design vector. Company Annual Report Cover Design. Gold banner background flyer style Design Template. Obama Profile. Portfolio resume infographics profile present template modern design with icons user.

Free Startup Company Vector Illustration. Global Company Network Vector Illustration. Stevia Logo Free Vector.Just launched the new business organization or corporate company and need to develop a company profile, then we will strongly recommend you to get help from company profile template to do so. It is apposite tool to make the company or business profile more professional looking and attractive. Company profile is considered as a vital tool for any type of business or company and can be used as a powerful marketing tool to attract new customers and investors as well who might be interested in the company to seal a business deal or transaction with your company or business.

Having a powerful and professional looking company profile makes a great first impression on customers by providing all important details about the business or company that they may wish to know before doing business with your company or business. It sounds like professional introduction of the company or business and serve as an informational tool to let prospective know about the services and products of the business or company. Major contents of the company profile may include concise description of the business or company, history of the business, manpower and management info, organization structure and customer reference etc.

Majority of customers and other companies prefer to view company profile before finalizing any deal or business transaction. Layout and format of the company profile can make it meaningful or meaningless. It must be information and promotional tool at the same time because its purpose is to introduce your company in front of prospective and investors.

Company profile template is recommended ready madedocument that allows you to make a company profile precisely with an attractive appearance. Contents of company profile template Having a powerful and professional looking company profile makes a great first impression on customers by providing all important details about the business or company that they may wish to know before doing business with your company or business.

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