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With being officially known in the automotive world as the "year of the recalls," it is no wonder that certain carmakers are trying and steer away from being put in the same boat as those offering cars with Takata airbags. BMW is one of those brands, with the Bavarian automaker currently trying to pass a voluntary recall as a much fancier "customer care package.

For those unfamiliar with BMW engine terminology, the N63 powerplant is the twin-turbocharged, 4. Everything is not as grim as it sounds though, since it seems that affected BMW owners will receive a replacement car for the time that their vehicles are in the shop. Plus, the carmaker will also offer to buy-back the affected vehicle and offer a new one hackthebox jarvis writeup a discounted price. As with every other recall out there, having to return a vehicle so that its manufacturer can resolve a problem is not exactly the most entertaining thing to do with your time.

Not to mention that certain service workers were well aware of a peculiar problem with a high number of N63 engines built between andso it took BMW quite a while to acknowledge the problem. Source: BimmerFest. Alex Oagana. Read More. What do you think? Car Finder:. Competing Vehicles. Active filters:. About US. Contact Us. Automotive journalist job.Remember Me? BMW Models. Page 1 of 4 1 2 3 4 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 25 of Thread Tools Show Printable Version.

So hopefully people don't make the mistake of purchasing a - BMW with an N63 engine and affects five different vehicle classes. These cars are lemons with a long history of mechanical problems, and a class action lawsuit filed in for excessive oil consumptiondrained batteries, and other problems affected by the oil cooled parts inside the car. Visit : www. The final date for filing any paperwork to claim your vehicle under the class action was October 10th Too bad BMW has failed to properly notify owners about this, and still continue to sell these cars without advising anyone about the litigation behind them.

Since that time i've had nothing but problems since i bought it that started with minor things like ignition coils, spark plugs, and check engine lights. Excessive oil consumption was noticed immediately the first year i owned it, and constantly had to top off the oil. I've meticulously maintained the car since i've had it and always taken to a certified BMW mechanic. In July i took my car into the shop to diagnose several issues going on with the car which now has 92K miles. I wanted to have my mechanic check everything including doing a break fluid flush, and oil change prior to making another drive into Southern California from Nevada where i currently live.

After inspection my mechanic mentioned that the motor was falling apart; The car had leaking turbo hoses, upper oil pan gasket leak, bad steering pump, excessive oil consumption problemsand the engine valve stem seals we're shot and explained why smoke would come out of the tail pipe during cold starting, and lastly an electric short underneath the drivers seat that scorched the material underneath and could have caught fire at some point had it continued.

We contacted my extended warranty company who handled the situation great. Due to the extent of the engine problems they sent out an adjuster to verify everything and audited my service records to ensure the car had been properly maintainedand also had video scope photo's taken inside the engine of oil cooled timing chain to verify there was no engine deposits or oil gunk build up. It was clean as a whistle, and they indicated since the repairs exceeded the value of new engine they authorized a complete engine replacement in addition to fixing the electrical problems with my seat.

The engine was ordered through a BMW dealership in Las Vegas NV in August, and now here we are in November and still no sign of the engine or status on when we can expect to receive it. After repeated attempts to get a status on the engine by myself personally and my mechanic to get a status on the replacement engine; we still have no informationand appears to be no end in sight.

The only reasoning behind the delay of the engine is that " they can't find any one to make a drive cam shaft on this motor " the third party company that used to make this part went out of business and they have no alternative currently. A drive cam shaft???? They build the f'ing space shuttle faster than this motor is being is being built. Sounded like complete bullshit to me, and i called them on it stating that it sounded like an excuse. At this point i'm extremely pissed off, and decided to email BMW Group Germany to ask them if they really cared about their customers.View My Garage.

I just found this forum looking for answers on a buy back by BMW for a problematic I with the N63 twin turbo engine. It was magnificent when new. Biggest thrill since my original BMW, a I had a '97 Sport I kept, after I bought a couple more Bimmers. One of them a I BMW bought it back after a couple of years and I bought the The twin turbos have been an absolute headache. It was OK while it was being covered under warranty, but a great inconvenience being without it.

Because of the problems I was having, I bought an extended warrantee. It hasn't covered all my problems as the dealer said they weren't related to the N63 "recall". Can someone shed some light on who to contact at BMW in order to initiate a buyback on this car. They also found a leak in the oil pan. Now after repairing the coolant problem they found another problem in the engine and they have pulled the entire engine out of the car, I have been without my car for over a month and no loaner.

I should be entitled to a new car after all this BS. Remove Advertisements. Welcome to Bimmerfest. I've moved your question to the F10 5 series forum, you can connect with other 5 series owners in here. The X Men. What is California's new car lemon law? At this point, your car is out of bumper to bumper warranty. If I can get a new car every time my 6 old car has a mechanical problem, I would be a very happy man.

Originally Posted by The X Men. I think the best you'll get is some sort of trade assist. Originally Posted by Me My own creed: Never, ever keep a car beyond the manufacturer's original warranty period. Never, ever buy a used car and try to rely on an after-market warranty full of fine print exclusions.

Best of luck getting your issues resolved.

BMW N63 Timing chain installation

I think the current age of your car makes a lemon declaration or buyback a moot point. Just an opinion.The N63 Twin Turbo 4. The manufacturing processes that went into crafting it are exquisite. That says a lot for BMWas they refuse to allow technological innovation to stagnate. One of the cars that this was installed in was the BMW li, a vehicle that approaches 5,lbs with a driver, makes almost hp, and still manages to get around 25mpg on the highway.

But alas, when you shoot for the stars you are bound to get a few failures to launch. When it came out inthe future looked bright. Utilizing some interesting concepts, such as the hot-vee exhaust exits into the turbos on top of the engine, in the valley, rather than out the bottomBMW was taking a lot of risks doing it this way.

This design, as well as the now-common high-pressure direct injection systemled to some complexities that in hindsight probably should have better been left on the table. The engine bay packaging is great though, nobody can argue that. One interesting over-complexity is the use of air-to-water intercoolers, rather than the standard style air-to-air exchanger.

This is meant to save space and dramatically shorten the intercooler piping. However, because of how much heat is being generated, the air-to-water intercoolers utilize a separate coolant pump and reservoir, and THAT has its own radiator in the front of the engine. What this does effectively kills two birds with one Tomahawk cruise missile, fired from orbit.

With such fresh technology, the odds of it reaching the beach was questionable. Shortly after launch, BMW owners started complaining about problems ranging from abnormal oil consumption and rough idle, all the way up to complete failures.

Enough N63B44O0 engines were coming into dealers with severe engine problems that BMW launched a preemptive fix campaign to help alleviate the risk of having to replace entire BMW N63 engines under warranty. These include the fuel injectors which utilized a different style design and the Valvetronic III variable lift intake cam system, which was omitted at the original launch. However, this was not enough to fix the ailing powerplant, and the N63 continues to be plagued by issues baked in from the original design.

Sometimes requiring more than 40 hours of labor worth of work, the Customer Care Package was meant to cut off the naysayers at the pass and fix the problems before they happened, without using the dreaded R-word recall, oops I said it. It went well, with many people dropping off practically new cars and having substantial preemptive work done. Good on BMW for doing this, although many agree they pretty much had to.

bmw n63 buyback

Here are some of the things that this cover:. It was predating the N63the BMW Efficient Dynamic system utilized regenerative braking to help the alternator to charge the battery. Because the system relied on a driving style with a lot of off-throttle coasting, in certain driving situations, the battery would not be adequately charged. BMW started using AGM batteries to help with the cases of deep discharge, which was effective until the N63 showed up. With the extraordinary amount of heat in such a small space, the cooling system had to work overtime to keep temps down after the car shut off.

That meant extended running of fans, and electric water pumps well after the engine shut off. The size of the battery was increased, but in some cases, this was still not enough. Even with a huge amount of heat shielding, the electrical system still struggles to power the cooling system after engine shut-off.

The BMW N63 is a thirsty motor, and this became apparent early on. An extra liter was added to the capacity of the sump to make all the way to 10k without a top-up. This causes hoses to crack and break, and seals to shrink, causing oil leaks all over the place. Typically these manifest themselves as a faint waft of oil smoke coming out from under the hood, very luxurious.

Eventually, they will start to leak, causing your high-end BMW to smoke like a Dodge Monaco after a few too many years in the front yard. A friend of mine runs a shop called Swedish Performance outside Raleigh, NC, and sees these come in often.

He recently did the valve seals on an N63 equipped X5 and sent a few photos of what the job was like. It looks like a good time.Remember Me? I will update once received back probably sometime next week I suggest you ALL do the same. Appreciate 0. I got screwed on this. Probably could have gotten a better deal with a buyback and discount than I did with a trade and negotiations. Here's some VERY helpful info guys Appreciate 2.

Over views and only ONE response to this thread??? Why is this forum, specifically F0, so dead? I mean what's the purpose of a forum if you're not gonna participate Lieutenant General. Originally Posted by E90Fleet. But that is the 5 Series forum. Was I and 1 or 2 others the only ones here who have N63 engines? All of you have 's? Oh well. My car is being worked on as I write this as it was indeed included in this "campaign". I'm grateful but my future brand loyalty is swayed Some questions: 1.

Has anyone been everything short of turned away for bringing your car in for the campaign? After a blood pressure rising back and forth, SA states my car will be returned to me if parts need to be ordered and I'll have to schedule another appointment upon parts arrival. Seems absurd, as I'm experiencing a misfire at this time. Is it even safe to drive a car with a misfire?

Is every car that falls under the campaign entitled to an oil and filter change, even if out of warranty? Is every car that falls under the campaign entitled to a new battery, even if out of warranty? Does it make a difference whether the car has the 90 amp battery or the amp one?October 13, — A BMW excessive oil consumption class-action lawsuit settlement may help owners and lessees who complained about multiple oil changes and drained batteries.

The BMW class-action lawsuit includes the following vehicles purchased or leased in the U. The lawsuit, Bang v. BMWalleges the vehicles consume excessive amounts of engine oil and require repeated oil changes, in addition to suffering from premature drained batteries and battery replacements. According to the terms of the class-action settlement, customers may be eligible for numerous benefits, if certain conditions are met. In addition, the oil change must have taken place less than 12 months or 10, miles after the previous oil change.

In place of that, owners can choose to receive one free future oil change instead of reimbursement for past oil changes. In addition, at least one prior oil consumption complaint must have been made with BMW or a BMW dealer, and there must be proof of the complaint as evidenced by a repair order, customer service report or other written documentation.

BMW Settles N63 V8 Oil Consumption Lawsuit

Along with meeting all those conditions, the vehicles must have had less thanmiles or less than 10 years old at the time the oil was purchased. The lawsuit settlement says the BMW vehicle must have been towed to a BMW dealer or a third-party repair center as evidenced by a repair or service order.

bmw n63 buyback

And the invoice must say the reason was related to premature battery failure or oil consumption problems. A BMW owner can receive reimbursement for the cost of one replacement 90 Ah or Ah battery purchased prior to the mailing of the class-action lawsuit notice.

bmw n63 buyback

In order to obtain reimbursement for eligible past expenses, you must submit a claim form and include all of the documentation described above. The N63 service is intended to get rid of or reduce excess engine oil consumption and premature battery failure, and the campaign is available regardless of the age or mileage of a vehicle.

Each affected BMW vehicle is entitled to receive the N63 package only once, but vehicles that haven't received the service can still get the service performed at BMW dealers. Under certain conditions such as the mileage of the vehicle, BMW will perform up to three oil consumption tests if the low oil level light illuminates before other warning indicators such as the "oil service" light.

The settlement says the test will help determine if the BMW vehicle is consuming too much oil, and if the vehicle fails the oil consumption test, BMW will provide repairs up to the earlier of 10 years ormiles from the in-service date at the time of the failed test. However, there are numerous conditions that must be met for BMW to replace the engine.

Enginerdy: Why BMW's N63 twin-turbo V8 eats batteries

In addition, there is a good chance the car owner would still need to pay something for the new engine. According to the N63 settlement terms, the vehicle must have already went through the N63 customer care package and the vehicle must have failed two oil consumption tests. In addition to those conditions, BMW must have failed to completely resolve the excessive oil consumption problems after the second failed oil consumption test and second repair attempt.

In addition to all those conditions, a BMW dealer would need to confirm there is still an oil consumption problem before the engine is replaced. After all that, a customer will likely still need to " contribute " to cover the cost of replacing the engine. For example, if a vehicle has 50, - 60, miles on it, an owner would need to pay 5 percent of the cost to replace the engine. If the car has 70, to 80, miles, the owner would need to pay 30 percent of the replacement cost of the engine.

If a vehicle hastomiles, the owner would need to pay 75 percent to replace the engine and BMW would cover 25 percent of the cost. For a vehicle that can be retrofitted with a Ah battery, BMW will provide one new Ah battery to replace the 90Ah battery if the owner did not previously receive a replacement battery, and, thereafter, Ah replacement batteries at a BMW dealer, if the Ah battery fails within two years of installation not due to customer negligence as evidenced by a prior invoice for replacement of the battery.

For a vehicle with a 90Ah battery that cannot accommodate the Ah battery, BMW will provide a current owner or lessee with 90Ah replacement batteries at a BMW dealer if any such battery fails within two years of installation not due to customer negligence as evidenced by a prior invoice for replacement of the battery.

The voucher will be transferable to immediate family members and will be valid for one year from the date of the settlement. BMW owners may receive benefits from the settlement, but only after meeting multiple conditions. Reimbursement for Past Replacement of a Battery that Was Less than 3 Years Old A BMW owner can receive reimbursement for the cost of one replacement 90 Ah or Ah battery purchased prior to the mailing of the class-action lawsuit notice.

Oil Consumption Testing Under certain conditions such as the mileage of the vehicle, BMW will perform up to three oil consumption tests if the low oil level light illuminates before other warning indicators such as the "oil service" light.

Replacement Battery For a vehicle that can be retrofitted with a Ah battery, BMW will provide one new Ah battery to replace the 90Ah battery if the owner did not previously receive a replacement battery, and, thereafter, Ah replacement batteries at a BMW dealer, if the Ah battery fails within two years of installation not due to customer negligence as evidenced by a prior invoice for replacement of the battery.The service bulletin—do not call it a recall within earshot of BMW—was sweeping in its levels of diagnosis, treatment and escalation, and could even include an engine replacement if a vehicle met a rather long list of qualifications and criteria.

Still though, some owners of Npowered BMWs were not satisfied with the solution, and a class action lawsuit was launched a few years ago. In short, the innovative hot-vee design, which involves mounting the turbochargers and exhaust manifold within the valley created by the cylinder banks, lends itself to excess heat near the cylinder heads, which prematurely hardens and causes excesses wear on the valve seals. Moreover, software designed to keep water pumps and fans circulating and running long after engine shutdown began to greatly shorten the life of expensive sometimes AGM batteries, requiring replacement sooner than the expected service interval.

The published remedy for all of this includes oil consumption testing, which BMW will perform up to three times under the CCP. This testing is targeted at pinpointing the specific cause of why the low oil light is illuminating before the oil service interval prompt comes up. As with other stipulations and services covered under the package, the procedures will only lead to repairs being covered and performed if the vehicle is less than ten years from its initial in-service date, or with fewer thanmiles on the odometer.

Replacement and Ah batteries are also available. Things can be escalated to engine replacement, but only after two oil consumption tests have demonstrated such, and subsequent repairs have failed to solve the recurring loss of oil. A new long block will be provided to customers, but depending on mileage, the owner will need to pay a graduated percentage of cost.

bmw n63 buyback

When it comes to the lawsuit, a bit of ground has been gained. As you might expect, good documentation to support and validate claims is necessary. Affected vehicles were offered for the through model years, in the form of the 5 Series, 6 Series and 7 Series, along with the X5 and X6.

Interested parties read the fine print here. Interestingly enough, even with these problems, BMW has continued manufacturing the N63 and derivative S63, albeit in versions that have been refined and updated through the years. The temporary shutdown of BMW Group Plant Spartanburg last month in response to the novel human coronavirus outbreak has In a recent statement, the BMW Group addressed the ongoing novel human coronavirus epidemic and how the company is BMW North America posted a Last week, it was reported that BMW would continue its investments in China in the wake of the coronavirus According to two recent reports by As the world shuts down to stem the spread of the novel human coronavirus COVIDthe global auto industry His current garage includes a i Dinan S2 and a e coupe, but something new or old is always on the horizon.

Alex enjoys light wrenching on his fleet, drinking local San Diego beer, and sharing his passion for all things automotive, mechanical, and technical through writing. The mission of th In a recent statement, the BMW Group addressed the ongoing novel human coronavirus epidemic and how There was a time when the entire BMW lineup was comprised of sedans and a handful of coupes.

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